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When you feel like you really connect with a man and maybe you have a couple of dates and you think he is the one… then he becomes distant. Or you never hear from him again. This just sucks. Completely.

The chemistry was there, the conversation was flowing and it just seemed like it was going somewhere.

Then nothing. The loneliness can hit you like a ton of bricks. It can make you feel like the saddest woman in the world, and I know because I have wondered myself why do I push guys away? What am I doing wrong here?

It made me get clear on what I was doing that was part of the problem, and self-sabotaging yourself is one reason that is happens.

The good feelings are there… and they are so good, you’re just waiting for the other show to drop. Then it does.

Then you are feeling lonely again. Why do I push guys away every single time I meet one I like.

It always seems to be the ones you like the most and you want to do everything to make it work out.

You will do ANYTHING to make it work with this special guy. Then you work harder, do more, and become more loving to him and not yourself.

That is where the big problem is, you forget about the most important part of the equation… the way you FEEL. Wondering why else you push men away?

And when you start doing too much or acting like a doormat your self-esteem goes into the trash heap and you are left with nothing.

No man, no love and absolutely no self-esteem. But there are things you can do to feel better fast and you can learn them too.

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