It’s important to be able to recognize red flags when you’re dating a guy. In this post, we’re going to talk about the red flags that suggest he’s just looking for sex. Remember though, some men might be using you for money, a boost to his ego, or other things. However, sex is the main thing men are infamous for using women for.

Almost every woman in the modern dating world has had an experience of being used for sex. It really sucks! But you don’t have to waste your time on a guy who isn’t interested in finding out who you really are and building a future with you.

All you can do is learn to recognize the signs that he might be using you for sex and assert yourself. Either confront him and try to communicate with him, or even better, totally call things off. If you can be strong and do this, you’ll save yourself so much hurt down the road. A guy who is using you is not worth your time! 

Think about the signs he might be using you for sex.

He’s Not Interested In What You say

He doesn’t ask you about your day, or want to learn about your family, or actively listen when you talk about your hobbies and interests? This could be an indication that he’s using you for sex. When someone is truly interested in the person they’re dating, they want to get to know them on a deeper level. 

When you hang out, you should be laughing and vibing, not just listening to him go on about his day until you go back to his place.

He Disappears

Does he sometimes just stop responding for a few days, and then suddenly come back into your life and resume contact like nothing happened? When a guy pulls a Houdini on you and disappears, make sure you recognize that this is a red flag that he’s using you. 

It shows he doesn’t value your time or prioritize how you feel. He doesn’t feel bad about leaving you to wonder where he went and what’s going on with your relationship.

Sometimes He Treats You “How a Man Should Treat a Woman”

Despite his other confusing behavior, he still puts on the charming act when he calls or when you go out together. If he’s paying for your meals, buying you gifts and flowers, carrying your bags and suddenly playing the role of a gentleman, this could be a sign he is just using you for sex. 

Don’t get me wrong, these things are great, but only when paired with a man who acts kind to you all of the time. Unfortunately, he might have learned that putting on the good guy act is a successful way to get ladies into the bedroom. You should be with someone who is your Prince Charming all the time, not just when he’s trying to get laid.

He Acts Differently After Sex

Even if he acts charming to get you into bed, if he behaves differently after sex this could be a sign you’re being used. For example, he might not want to cuddle and just leaves straight after, or gets distracted by his phone.

You might feel insecure and wonder if you did something wrong, but that’s unlikely. It’s just that he got what he wanted from you, which means he has no motivation to keep trying to seduce you. This is a telltale red flag that he’s using you for sex.

Make Sure You’re Not Blind To How He Treats You

Lots of women become blinded to men who aren’t treating them right. Sometimes a guy is showing red flags that are easy to see. However, you might not recognize the signs because you’re hoping he’s something he’s not. 

As in, you’re projecting your hopes about what you want in a relationship onto him and seeing his actions through rose-tinted glasses. But, you shouldn’t make excuses for him. 

It could be time to sit down and evaluate if you’re truly happy with the way he’s treating you. Look at his behavior and think about how he really is. Not just how he sometimes is, but how he treats you all of the time. 

Your man should always make you feel stable, secure and loved. There’s never any reason to put up with a man who’s just using you for sex!