Domestic abuse was, is, and will forever be against the law. To learn how to spot red flags for domestic abuse keep reading.

Do you frequently end up having arguments with your partner? Well, arguments are very common in every relationship. The perspective and thought process of two different human beings can never be the same. It is high time you burst the bubble of fairytale love.

Have you noticed any of these red flags in abusive relationships with your partner?

While disputes and tiffs make your relationship stronger, constant disagreements between two people is not a good sign. After heated arguments, your abusive partner might sweetly appear with a flower in hand or other gifts. If you are gullible, they can easily melt your heart. 

Below are the toxic traits of domestic abusers. Get yourself immediate help if you figure out you have been living with one all this long. 

Immensely Insecure 

Your partner may always feel insecure about most of the things you do. They may appear to be basic in the eyes of the world. But, such petty conduct of yours can leave your abusive partner panic-stricken. 

Wondering what the basic activities are that might drive your abusive partner sulky? Well, it can be as simple as you casually talking to your male friends or neighbors in the garden. If not in person, phone calls from the opposite gender can also be unacceptable to your partner. These are domestic abuse red flags Ultimately, their insecurity results in:

  • Preventing you from talking to your male acquaintances – in the worst-case scenario, it can even be your brother or father.
  • Not letting you go out for hangouts and parties with friends, other than work.
  • Might as well ask you to stay at home and quit your job permanently
  • They might stalk you 24/7 – online or in real life.
  • Not giving your time to time updates may anger them.

Abusive relationships start off with simple reasons like this. But they might lead to severe issues which can go out of your control. Upon noticing any of the signs, make sure you openly talk about it with your partner. Not all insecure people are abusers, and their mentalities can be changed for the better.

Excessively Controlling

In an abusive relationship, you might have very less, or absolutely zero control. Your partner is the head of the family and gets to decide every little thing you and your children do. 

Red flags for abusive relationships can be seen in various situations. You might not be allowed to go shopping, throw parties, or even watch your favorite TV show. All your partner expects you to do is transform yourself into a complete housewife. Your life is to revolve around cleaning the house, taking care of your children, and decorating your garden with varied plants. You may have no say except for following the orders of your partner. 

If so is the case, then you must show them your true worth. You are an individual with equal rights as your partner. Successful relationships are not based on dominance, but constructive opinions from both sides. If your partner is too egoistic to give you your basic rights, then leaving them is the best and necessary move. 

Gather up the courage to free yourself from the prison you are living in right now. No women deserve this sort of treatment. 

Clingy and Compelling

It must feel overly sweet to have your partner around you all the time. But things can get quite irritating if your partner is too clingy. Red flags for abuse:

  • You will always find them hovering around you like bees
  • They want all your attention and failing to do so might depress or enrage them
  • You have zero privacy and are bound to share everything with your partner
  • You always have to listen to them to avoid arguments
  • They might emotionally blackmail you into fulfilling their desires
  • They might appear to be exceedingly caring but are very selfish from within

These clingy partners can turn into demons if you do not listen to them. By giving way to their clingy nature, you might unknowingly stimulate this characteristic in developing into compulsion. Once this occurs, your sweet and caring partner will start forcing you to work as per their wishes. 

Being occupied with fulfilling your partner’s wishes all the time, you are sure to lose your own identity. Hold on to your individualism and make sure you have ample breathing space in your relationship. 

The Ultimate Evils 

Up until now, we have talked about the mental abusers in a relationship. You can get rid of them quite easily than from relationships containing physical abuse. When compared to the ultimate evils, the mentally abusive acts can appear to be shockingly ‘mild’.

Physical abuse is the most painful state in any relationship you can ever encounter. Physical abusers are the worst kind of people. They might hit you without any concrete reason. It entirely depends on their mood. Physical abusers are mostly ill-tempered and bad mouthed. Cursing and swearing at you for no specific reason, may not be a big deal to them. When they are unable to control their emotions, they will raise their hand at you. 

These kinds of people usually suffer from high levels of self-insecurity. Upon failing to showcase their strength, they hit the infirm. This instills a sense of false confidence in them. Physical abusers may also deprive you of medical help. That is because you will find yourself locked up in the house, or supervised 24/7 by your partner. Plus, they also have a fear of you telling the outer world about their ill conducts. Pay attention to these red flags for domestic violence.

Be it any form of domestic abuse, none are acceptable and should be stopped as soon as possible. If you are facing mental abuse, then it is you who has to strongly step out of the relationship. If in a physically abusive relationship, take help from anyone you can think of. It may be your neighbor, friends, or even an unknown.

Both forms of domestic abuse have strict laws against them. It is high time for you to kick that filthy ego and put an end to your abusive relationship. If you know someone who is going through such hard times, then it is highly encouraged to inform the police or designated person.