It’s Friday night and your partner is sitting on the couch zoned in on his phone. You’re sitting on a separate couch watching a romantic comedy on Netflix and browsing Instagram. Even though you’re in the same room, you’re both really alone. You want to know how to put that spark back into your relationship.

Gone are the days of making out anywhere you saw fit and you both wanted to spend time in each other’s arms. It’s at this point when you need to realize that your relationship is fizzling out like an expired firecracker.

However, just because the sizzle is gone doesn’t mean you can’t get it back. If you do the right things you can find yourself in an even more fulfilling relationship with your partner than it was before.

Many relationships ebb and flow through the tides and stresses of life— So don’t feel like your relationship needs to end. Instead, it’s important to implement these tips into your life and put your pride aside so you can reap the rewards of a balanced, loving and healthy relationship. It’s time to learn the best ways to put that spark back into your relationship.

Talk Openly About Your Relationship With Your Partner

put that spark back into your relationship

Just like a canoe needs two paddlers working towards the same destination, a relationship needs both parties on board to work toward an ultimate goal—Love.

If you feel like you’re in a rut, speak respectfully, yet candidly, with your partner and tell them how you’re feeling. They’ll either be receptive to your needs or not receptive at all. If your partner is unreceptive, it may be a good time to reassess the relationship and possibly even move on to a more fulfilling relationship with someone else.

If your partner is receptive and feels like something needs to change— Take turns expressing your needs and what you’d like to see happen as you two journey through life together.

Find out what love means to your partner and make a conscious effort to speak it to them. A relationship without open honesty is headed for nowhere. Be sure you can really understand each other’s needs to make your relationship incredible.

A good rule to live by is to ask your partner “What can I do to be a better boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife for you today?”

Try Some New Date Ideas To Put That Spark Back Into Your Relationship

Life gets boring. We’ve all been there. You go to work and then come home to the same old house and you fall into a routine that isn’t always the most flattering. Relationships often fall into routines as well.

Your relationship can flourish if you’re conscious of keeping the surprise and excitement in the connection with your partner. For a change, why not research some unique date ideas and find something you’ve both never done and then do it?

You’ll be amazed at what a little spontaneous date can do for you and your partner as you spend time enjoying something new together. A wise friend once told me, “The outdoors can be super romantic. Use its powers wisely.” Going for a hike or just being in nature together away from the hustle and bustle of life can be just the injection of thrill that you need to get your relationship back on the tracks to passion.

Always Remember The “Magic Ratio” In Your Relationship

Have you ever thought about your interactions with your partner and how they could potentially be having a positive or negative effect on your relationship? Dr. John Gottman, an expert in marital relationships, has spent years researching relationships and has come up with the “magic ratio” for every partner interaction.

For every one negative interaction in a relationship, there need to be 5 positive interactions in order for you to feel positive towards your partner and the two of you together. If you haven’t thought much about this— Be sure you think twice before being critical towards your partner.

Decide if what you’re about to say is really worth saying. It might not happen right away but when you can change the tides of sentiment to positivity, you’ll be amazed at what an effect it can have on a ho-hum relationship.

These 3 tips to help you put the spark back into your relationship are some of the most foundational principles that can help you feel alive with your partner once again. Try using just one or two of these tips this week and see the paramount impact that they can have for the both of you. Use your intuition and listen to your partner and you’ll find that the love you initially had is still there, it just needs a little restoration!

Ashton Dixey has a degree in marriage and family and believes that relationships are the most powerful things in the world. When not writing, you can find Ashton spending time with her family or helping people boost their relationships with her website, Awesome Date Ideas. Follow Ashton on Twitter: @ashton_dixey