1. Conflicting advice is all over the internet today— Some say men don’t want to chase you, others say they love it. The chase will only make a man want you forever— if, and only if, you do it the right way.

Men do want to chase you, but a man needs to know (deep down inside) that you are interested. It minimizes his risk of being rejected and makes the chase less risky and a lot more fun for him and you!


Let him know you are interested with your pearly whites. Charles Darwin developed the Facial Feedback Response Theory that proposes that smiling will actually make feel better.

Research from Echnische Universität  in Munich Germany showed that mimicking a smile actually changes the emotional neural networking in the brain. The fMRI studies showed that happiness is activated when we smile.

Eating a chocolate bar doesn’t even compare to the effect that smiling can have on the pleasure center in your brain. British scientists discovered that one simple smile can create the same level of stimulation as 2,000 chocolate bars. Wow!

Instead of pigging out on 187 pounds of chocolate, the much healthier route is to express your joy on the outside. Who cares about smile lines? Smiling makes you healthier.

Your not-so-perfectly straight teeth not only shows him you are playful and sweet, it also subconsciously tells a man that are going to wow his pleasure center!

Those British researchers discovered that one smile can stimulate the brain on the same level as receiving $25,000. If you smile at your man only once a day— that equals to $1,300,000 a year!

Just imagine the side effects if you genuinely smile at your man five times a day, or ten, or even one hundred times a day!

According to this research, it shows that:

  • When you smile you look good and feel good.
    When you smile, it makes others smile too.
    When other people smile they good and feel good, too.

There is a catch. If you want to make a man want you forever, your smile has to be big and real. So if you want to attract a man so you can make him want you forever, smiling is part of the love of a lifetime recipe. I know you’re wondering what else you can do to make him keep pursuing you like you want him to.

Let him win.

Appreciate him when he does things that you like. It is that easy. When a man feels like he is pleasing you, (which makes you smile— and makes him smile), he will keep coming back for more because it feels good.

He will become addicted to the feelings he has for you and will never want to let you go.

Let him makes plans.

Be available when you are available, but keep living your life. If things keep feeling good, he will find a way to wiggle his schedule into yours. When the good feelings are flowing they intensify even faster.

When the anticipation builds that increases attraction for both you and for him. And when he actually gets to see you, both of you will be filled with so much pleasure it will be hard for you to keep your hands off of each other, and you won’t want to!

Being playful when you are together will increase his attraction and he will want to be around you, even more, this a positive cycle that you and he will want to build on for a lifetime.

When the good vibes are flowing jump on board and enjoy!