How To Stop Obsessing Over A Man In 3 Easy Steps.

You’re going through a horrible divorce from your husband of 10+years. Or maybe it’s your boyfriend you thought you would spend forever with. Or maybe you went out on one date with a guy you met on, and he never called you back. You can’t stop thinking about him. You are over-analyzing and criticizing yourself about what you did wrong. Why didn’t he call? Is there something wrong with me? Am I unlovable? If I only would have said this instead of that, I’m sure he would have called and asked me out on another date.

You can stop obsessing over a man.

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Your subconscious mind is telling you over and over how stupid you are, how fat you butt looks or that you aren’t sexy enough. This is due to programming from your past. It is also telling you that you need a man. Maybe you heard this from your family growing up, or because you read Rapunzel every night before bed when you were a little girl. You think this knight in shining armor is going to come and rescue you. Here’s another great article on how to get over a guy.

But you’ve got to stop obsessing over a man and live your own life. I can show you how to stop obsessing over a man. Maybe you didn’t even meet him and you are still obsessed. He was so handsome in that thumbnail picture on your phone you just can’t stop thinking about what it will be like when you open a restaurant together and have babies. Dreamy right? I don’t think so. We’re going to get you out of pollyanna fantasy land and back to your real self. You Sassy Sexy Single Self.

Believe me, I understand totally. Because I’ve been there. I have had an obsession about a man, OK maybe more than one, and let me tell you, it stinks. It’s so easy to dream about the future, and your pretend life with this guy, but you are living in the present. When you realize this, you are on your way to release yourself from your obsessing over a man.

Why do we become obsessed about guys anyway? Well they’re intriguing and so different than us. They have penises, and big muscles. They also are so good at focusing on everything except you. Those aloof men who don’t call us back are so attractive, aren’t they?

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There are 3 crucial things you need to do to stop obsessing over a man.

  1. Cut the cords

Energetically we are connected with one another. When we are obsessing over a man, we are sending out cords from ourselves directly to the man with our thoughts and our energy. He can feel this, and that is why he runs. You are sending out tentacle-like energy into the man’s energy field. You are literally grasping on to him with these cords. He knows you are searching outside of yourself and and trying to get something from him. Go here to learn more about cutting those tentacle like cords to free yourself and how to stop this obsession with a man.

  1. Love yourself.

You’ve got to focus on yourself, and love yourself. Some people might think this is selfish, but it isn’t. You can only be your best self, when you are taking care of yourself. This means getting plenty of rest. Enjoying the sunshine. Eating healthy foods. Volunteering. Exercising. Spending time with people you love. Making people smile. Journaling. Writing affirmations. Meditating. Getting physical touch from a massage therapist. These are the kinds of things you can do to show yourself that you deserve good attention. These are all healthy practices and will help you stop obsessing over a man.

  1. Dating therapy.

This is so effective for healing when you are a single woman. When you practice dating therapy, you will learn to receive. This will help you get in touch with your divine feminine qualities. Quality men love to give and make women feel good. So get out there, start dating, and learn to receive. Putting the focus on yourself and dating other men will help you feel so much better. Hop to it and stop obsessing over a man. Start living your Sassy Sexy Single Life, and love it! When you are single and doing the healing work on yourself, life only gets better! Make new friends and have time to meet more interesting men.

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