In today’s fast paced world, meeting people is not as easy as it once was. So you have to know how to make the best online dating profile so you don’t get lost in the millions of ladies online

That’s why so many women are turning to dating websites and creating profiles to help streamline the process. It’s the easiest way to meet men and learn about yourself in the process.

Do you want to know how to write a profile that attracts great men and keeps the creepers at bay? Keep calm and read on.

Don’t post your devastating “normal” pictures

When you create a dating profile, the first thing you need to address is your main online profile pictures.  You would think thi is a no-brainer, but I still see my clients choosing pictures that are not flattering.

One of my clients said to me, “I don’t want my pictures to look too sexy, I don’t want him to just want to have sex with me, I want him to like me for who I am.” I then asked her, “don’t you want him to want to have sex with you? Don’t you want to have sex someday?”

You want a man to think you are sexy, not frumpy.

She argued her point and didn’t listen to anything I said during our session. I ran into her a year later and she was still single. If she would have been a little more open to changing her beliefs about men and herself, she could be in a fantastic relationship by now.

Food for thought ladies: If you never want romance in your life ever again, keep your baggy sweatpants photos on your online dating profile.

Amy Webb did a Ted Talk and landed the man of her dreams, and guess what she figured out?

Pictures are critical to meeting good men online.

Amy started looking at popular women’s photos online, and they were all sexy and showing at least a little skin. But Amy’s photos looked like “normal” her. Her normal was frumpy, she was wearing long sleeves, baggy clothes, and she wasn’t looking too girly. Nuff said.

Don’t be normal. Be extraordinary. Inspire a man with sexy you. Frump-o-rama photos will make any man move on to the next woman who is at least showing some skin, even if it’s her shoulders. Dump the turtleneck for something sexier.

Amy changed her pictures and got an amazing response. Her inbox filled up quickly and she became the most popular woman in her neighborhood. When it comes to online dating the following is true:

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Normal woman + great pictures = more dates. This is an easy fix.


Choose at least one full body shot and a close-up that makes you look your best. You don’t want to look like you’re showing off everything you’ve got, but it never hurts to look sexy.

Pick a photo that gives they guys a true sense of who you are as a person, just not in your favorite XL t-shirt. After you get to know each other he might think you are the sexiest woman alive when you wear his t-shirt after a little sexy romp.

Show him what you would look like when you are on a date with him in some of your photos. Men are visual, so give him something good to look at: sexy fabulous you.

Your photos can showcase how attractive you are, while also lending insight into your true personality. It’s OK if you are in the woods and are wearing hiking boots. If you look like a granola Goddess, post it stat. Nature shots are great as long as you are in the photo.

Don’t center all of your pics on your sex appeal alone because there is more to you than that. But you should however still allow a man to get a true gauge for what you look like. Be real and be yourself. Your best self.

Keep your enormous wish list behind closed doors

Want to make a man crumble to pieces in his desk chair? Put an easy to read bullet list of the 75 things you don’t want and the 23 things you do want in a man. This will make him feel like you are hard to please and he will feel inadequate.

Don’t do it! I do want you to make a love map for yourself first, and you can read about it here, just don’t put that long list of 105 sexy traits in your profile.

A common trap that women fall into when writing their online dating profile, is to make it into a gigantic list of what they want, while failing to let any man who reads it know anything about herself.

Paint a masterpiece in his mind of what you are like on the inside with descriptive words.

While it is great to let a man know what you are looking for, it should not read like a materialistic wish list: I want this! I want that! I hate this! I hate that!

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You will sound like Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka screaming “I want it now!”


Don’t focus on his big watch, even if you feel like your clock is ticking.

Meeting a man who owns his own home or car is nice, and having a job is pretty darn important, unless you like being a sugar mamma.

When you dedicate your dating profile to financial demands, you can make yourself look abrasive, unapproachable and like the woman Kanye West sings about, “I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger,” but that’s sure what you look like.

The irony of the situation is that the men who do have careers and homes of their own will read your profile and continue their search elsewhere. Put yourself in the shoes of the guy in this scenario. If you clicked on a man’s profile and it was simply a list of demands, you would lose interest very quickly and use one of my favorite online dating word… NEXT.

How could anyone ever climb to the top of the mountain of a list? Talk about the things that are really important to you: values, health, family, pets, location, and adventure. Whatever are you big ones are talk about those and leave the little ones out.

You don’t want the title of “The Royal Queen High Maintenance, from,” from any handsome stranger.

Show him your yummy insides with your words.

Instead of focusing your profile on what the man needs to have in order to woo you, you should be letting him know more about yourself and what you will bring to a relationship. What kinds of adventures will you explore with the possible man of your dreams?

Touch on your passions: hobbies, goals, hopes, and dreams are topics that can be covered, as opposed to barking out orders at men that you have not even met yet, and I hope you never bark orders at any man, ever.

Love comes along when we least expect it and when we are not planning for it but you have to put yourself out there and be ready for it. When writing a dating profile, it is crucial to convey a sense of warmth, openness, and have a hint of sensuality.

These are some of the qualities that will inspire a man to contact you and treat you with the respect and adoration that you deserve. Write a dating profile that lets men know who you truly are as a person, and have fabulous pictures and you will be surprised at just how much interest you can generate. If you want to learn the hottest tips on making him check you out before all the other women, check out my new book: The Woman He Dreams About: 21 Sizzling Online Picture Tips That He Can’t Live Without. You Flirt, He Clicks