How To Heal Your Heart— 10 Love Breakup Quotes

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Many ways can help show you how to heal your heart after a bad breakup, divorce, or losing a loved one. Losing love is a challenge, and the things you think about the past can make your pain even worse. So I want to focus on the things you believe as a pathway to feeling better.

Losing love is devastating. It can feel like you will never run out of tears, and your heart is in a straightjacket. Dying to get out of your skin.

As the old science saying goes, (or something like this), When there is an action there is a reaction. Or another one, When one door closes another one opens.

Cliche as it may seem, it is true. I know you have had hard times in your life before, but somehow you got through it. You did it. You are still here, and that is a blessing in itself.

Think about an apple for a minute. Imagine it’s color, red, yellow, or shades of both. It is entirely whole before you take a bite.

Your first taste is delicious. And it isn’t the apple it once was before. It’s an apple with a bite out of it, but it is still an apple.

Then you eat the rest of it, enjoying it’s crunchy outside and sweet inside. There isn’t much left except the seeds, the core, and the stem. But the seeds on the inside can grow more trees and hundreds or thousands of apples.

Once one apple is gone there will always be another. Love is like this apple, and it can sprout the seeds of love again, just like you can do when you allow your heart to heal.

It may seem counterintuitive to imagine the benefits from what happened in the past. Whether you divorced your cruel husband or lost the partner you genuinely love, and thought would be with you forever— there is a deeper meaning to be found.

There are seeds of new beginnings that can blossom after losing someone you care about.

It is easy to think the bad thoughts, especially early on, and if you keep your self-defeating thoughts locked into the same pattern it can make it even more difficult to heal your heart and not think about the love that can grow from inside you and all around you.

When you lose someone you loved or lost someone you didn’t even like that much, it can feel like it will tear you apart.

Grief is a natural process that involves your heart, your body, and your soul. When you allow the pain to flow into your experience and sit with, this will help you get to the end of your grief tunnel.

At the end of this tunnel there is light at the end, even if it doesn’t feel like that right this second.

This pain is part of your growth. Your evolution and you will grow into something even more beautiful than you ever imaged.

Love is eternal, and the love you feel for someone never dies, even when they are not present.

Love lasts even when you lose someone. Learn 9 love tips for divorce.

And where there is love, sometimes there is pain that goes along with it.

The way you see the pain in the world, and your perception of it can make the pain go away faster.

So set your intention to be compassionate with yourself during a painful breakup because when your heart breaks, it is open and there is space for more love, compassion, hope, and light to enter— if you allow it.

Allow your thoughts to flow from grief to hope. And don’t let the doubtful, negative thoughts take over your life. They are only thoughts and can float away from your mind.

Image the light of love flowing into your mind and your heart to fill in the painful spaces with good feeling thoughts.

When you have negative thoughts be kind to yourself and put your attention on something that feels better.

We are just human.

I want to give you some affirmations that can show you how to switch your thoughts from negative to compassionate and positive, and think new thoughts that can change your beliefs that will change your mind that can heal your heart starting today.

How To Heal Your Heart Affirmations And Love Breakup Quotes.

1. I am open and willing to allow love to heal my heart.

2. I am exactly where I am supposed to be, right here— right now.

3. When I allow my grief to flow and process— I am healing my heart.

4. Even when I feel my heart breaking, I choose to love myself.

5. I will allow my grief to process, and then I will let it go.

6. Even though I have experienced loss, I honor love more.

7. I can find happiness again if I choose to let it in.

8. I am loved.

9. I am life; I am love, I am lovable.

10. I let my heart heal so that I can love again.

And breakups and heartbreak happen to almost everyone, even me, even you. And these experiences can serve as a reminder to you that the relationships you’ve had were a gift— and there are more gifts in the world waiting for you.

Because you are lovable and deserve the love that the universe has to offer. Learn more heart healing techniques with these light-hearted GIFs!

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