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Here’s Our Great Plan to Get Your Ex Back

Winning back your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend back is not that difficult. But don’t forget that they left you once and they may leave you again. But what is the point in getting back when you can keep them?

So today, in this post, we have divided the process of getting back your ex into 5 steps so that you can clearly understand each step and follow easily to get your ex back.

There are some common mistakes that people make over and over in their relationships. So having a plan will not only help you in reducing the confusion but also gives you a sense of direction. In situations like when you are not so sure about yourself, your ex, or your relationship, a good directed plan will provide you something to always look forward to.

This post is all about the mistakes that you should avoid in the process to get your ex back.

Ignore Everything To Get Your Ex Back.

Your ex surely is not going to love or take you back at least till the time they notice some visible changes in you. You again need to make them feel the way they used to toward you. You have to earn the respect and fascination that your ex-needs to exhibit to explain providing you another chance.

In case you are serious about getting back with your ex then you better start showing some respect that your ex-deserves and actually changing whatever that made them feel bad about you and hence became the reasons for your break up.

It is never too late to rekindle the relationship with your ex. But in the process of getting back with him/her, there are certain dos and don’ts which everyone needs to follow. Otherwise, you may end up breaking up with your girlfriend or boyfriend again.

So here are our simple steps for people who are trying to get back with their ex.

Get Your Ex-Back By Sending A Simple Text

At times, absence makes your heart grow fonder and at other times, it makes you too desperate and seeks out other people. End of the story never starts your rebound relationship with a call.

First, try sending a simple “Hi” or “Hello” text. And again, be careful if you are sending anything else other than hi or hello because texts can be deceptive and will make your ex-think that you are looking for a booty call. Or check this out if you want to know the easy way to text your ex back. 

Think about some beautiful memories that shared with your ex and try to make a conversation. For example, text him/her by saying “I was listening to music and heard that our favorite song. Felt nostalgic. I miss those days.”

In case, she replies, then you can continue the conversation by asking him/her how they are doing, etc. If they respond the other way, then jump to step 2.

To Get Your Ex Back Take It Slow

You already once were close to him/her but it doesn’t mean that you will get to talk or do whatever you can. First, propose getting together. And getting together doesn’t mean moving in together. It means you just get back with your ex.

Because, at the end of the day, they shouldn’t feel like you apologized after ages out of nowhere and was proposing to moving back in. Instead, they should feel secure, safe, and protected. For that, you need to take things slow and stop being pushy about getting together instantly.

Be True about Your Time Apart To Get Your Ex Back

It is now the time to open up if you were seeing someone else while you two were broken up. You obviously don’t need to go into particulars. An easy, “I was seeing someone for a few days or months” will be good enough— but unless that someone was his close friend/colleague at her/his workplace or anyone else that may trigger hurt or feel jealous.

It is essential to at least speak briefly so that there are no surprises or suspense later in the future. If your ex is upset or felt bad about it (even though you no more seeing him/her), then talk about it and let your ex-know if there are any issues or fears—and then move on.

Do Not Plead them 24/7 When You Want To Get Your Ex Back

You might think that pleading them without a break will make your ex-comes back to you but it is just a myth. In reality, it will only make the situations even worse.

It doesn’t show how much you care, love, or badly want to get back with your ex rather it shows how desperate you are and not giving them enough time to think about your relationship once again. Your ex may first seem to hear all your pleading and begging scene but later they will ignore it.

A person who badly pleads and begs is a big turn off for the would-be life partner as people will usually get attracted to people who are emotionally strong in every situation.

What any person wants to see is that their boyfriend or girlfriend wants them in their life and much they mean to them. Not a person who wants people for their emotional strength and security.

In order to make up with your ex instantly, you need to show them that you are a changed person and learned your lessons from your experience and now, you are trying to be a better person. Of course, this ain’t an overnight task. It is going to take some days or probably months for you to convince your ex that you are no more a person who they used to know. But have trust and faith, things will eventually fall into place.

If you have some more pieces of advice that you think work great. Please do let us know by commenting in the section below.

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