Dating A Younger Guy. Is It Too Taboo?

Not in the current time of online dating and women’s empowerment. It’s time for you to keep yourself busy by getting busy with a younger man. There are lots of perks!

Dating A Younger Guy At Least One Time In Your Life— Is A Great Idea!

Now women ask men out. Women start conversations online. In real life, women make the first move. Often a little flirting does the trick. Or even saying something more obvious like “Hey are you single?”

AARP did a survey that showed 35 percent of mid-life and older women are dating a younger guy. Why the hell wouldn’t you? There are some incredible dreamy mature younger men out there. Some of these guys dream about being with an older woman.

You may think finding younger men looking for a cougar can be tough at times, so you’ve got to have the best online dating profile, ever!

So if you’ve ever wanted to know how to date a younger guy for fun and maybe more, there’s no longer a good excuse not to meet one or two of them.

The small percentage of ladies that are dating younger men is for a reason. In fact, there are many reasons why women love younger guys.

I believe the number of open-minded women dating younger men will grow exponentially in the next few years.

If enough women date younger men in the public’s eye the stigma of dating younger guys will decrease over time. It will become commonplace and with good reason.

I’m going to dive right into the concepts of why dating a younger man is one of the greatest ideas, I . . . I mean you’ve had all day.

Surprise! You Will Grow Into A More Amazing Woman While Dating A Younger Guy

If you decrease your not-so-official dating age, it’ll increase your chances of having a fantastic date on Friday night or even this afternoon. I know you’ve probably asked yourself, “Should I date a younger guy?”

Many younger guys are more spontaneous than older men.

When you get older, the pool of single men seems to get smaller because the men your age and older are dating women that are younger. Maybe it’s time in your life for cougar relationships?

After you raise your standards by dating a younger man at least once I promise it will help you grow into a more amazing woman.

Aren’t you curious at least a little bit? Wouldn’t you like to date a younger guy at least once? If you’ve never waded into the younger male dating pool, you’re missing out. I know from experience. It may end up not being your cup of tea, but you won’t know until you experience it in real life.

By Dating A Younger Guy You Can Help Your Love Life

The search for love struggle is real, and dating younger men online might seem weird. But there are things you can do to make it much easier and even more exciting. One of the things you can do is expand your pool of eligible bachelors and date younger men.

It’s not that hard. All you’ve got to do it get on an online cougar dating site or another online dating app (but make your profile the best!) . There are thousands of men out there waiting to meet an older woman like you.

There is gold in those hills filled with younger available men. Men with incredible pecs and gorgeous skin that have time to cuddle up next to you.

When you expand your experience of dating a different age group it’ll give you a sense of new-found-worldliness and you’ll become a more well-rounded person.

dating a younger guy

When You Date A Younger Man It Will Help You Become More Cultured— Say What?!?

Younger men are into different things than a lot of older men. A younger guy may not be taking you to the red carpet kind-of-culture, but I can assure you it will be different than your usual.

If you are used to dating men who do the same old dinner and a movie date, you can expect something different with a younger guy.

How about ultimate frisbee and a picnic?

Or going to a happy hour that has great wings and delicious beer?

A weekend camping trip might not be your normal culture if you’re used to being wined and dined on the weekends.

Setting up your tent, poking the fire with a stick then roasting marshmallows will be good for your soul. Connecting with the fire of a younger guy isn’t a bad idea either.

Disconnecting from the world with a younger man out in the wild has a different energy than with an older man. It’s freeing. Younger guys usually have more time for fun and have less baggage

dating a younger guy and playing frisbee on a date

You’ll Expand Your Horizons While You’re Dating A Younger Man

Not all good men are older. Some of the best men are younger. Much younger. More flexible, resilient and hot! Not to mention kind, willing to learn and exciting.

When you spend time with someone who’s different than your “normal” someone who was born five, seven or more years behind you they will teach you about things an older man never would.

Younger men will make you feel younger, more alive and so sexy.

Don’t settle for older men with low libidos who have their nose stuck In the Wall Street Journal and will never change for you in a hundred million years.

When you date a younger guy he might even surprise you with unexpected wisdom. You will also gain some of your own in the process of hanging out with him.

The Intimate Times Can Be Even Better With Younger Men

You’re more experienced than younger women and men– In the workplace, in the bedroom, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, of course!

You’re like a mysterious and rare unicorn to a younger more inexperienced man. You’re the women he is lucky to find in the foggy forest filled with immature women who don’t know how to handle their emotions yet.

Experience and wisdom are attractive. Especially to a young stud who’s still making his way in the world. You can connect with him emotionally.

When You Date A Younger Guy He May Even Look Up To You With Awe

You’re probably in a place where you’ve got your life together and he’s still figuring out his place in the world.

He may not have as much money as an older man or take you to fancy dinners. But he’ll offer you something different.  Sometimes different is good.

As the saying goes, “Don’t knock it till you try it.” If you’re lucky, you’ll be knocking on the right door.

When you get a little older, you don’t worry as much about sticking to the rules like you used to. You’re better at bending like a tree in the wind, and having your standards at the same time.

If You’ve Ever Been A Doormat It’s Easier To Say No When You Date A Younger Guy

In the past, you may have said yes one too many times when you actually wanted to say no. But now you’re older and wiser.

But old habits are hard to break, even ones that aren’t good for us. Old habits like having sex when you don’t want to because you felt like you couldn’t say no.

When you date a younger man it’s a great time to practice keeping your boundaries solid.

Back in your twenties you probably did things because you didn’t want to hurt a guy’s feelings.

Maybe you were taught to just make everyone else happy— Except yourself.

Thankfully you know better now, but still, need a little practice in the boundaries department.

It seems easier for a younger guy to keep your boundaries solid than with an older man. You can embrace your power more easily.

If a younger guy pushes you for sex too soon it may be easier for you to say “I’m not ready yet.” Instead of doing it anyway and hoping for the best.

And while you are learning to stand in your newfound empowerment you will learn a thing or two.

When You Date A Younger Guy He’ll Teach You About Yourself

When you open yourself up to a different age group, even a different generation you’ll gain more perspective.

  • You’ll learn about music that you may have never heard.
  • Maybe you’ll try the Bumble Dating App and learn more about online dating!
  • Dancing till 3 a.m. might be the best thing to loosen up your hips.
  • Drinking cheap beer in cans will bring you back to your college days.
  • You might even realize that you love playing video games with him.
  • Acro-yoga is something you can do with your younger, flexible partner. Finally!

You can feel 21 again without having to go back in time. You can be in the moment as you are and feel like a vibrant woman. You’ll have fun getting ready for a more non-traditional first date!

When You Date A Younger Guy, You Become His Real-World Fantasy

Embrace it. You can become the center of his world, and you can also make his fantastical dreams come true— And yours.

A younger man will be eager to please you first instead of himself. This is the new way of living for many women.

So many women were conditioned to please a man first, just stop it.

Let a younger man take care of you for a change. You can be his queen.

When you date a younger man at least once you may discover that it is the best fit for your lifestyle. Especially if you’re an alpha dominant woman who likes to be in charge. If not, you can chalk it up to wonderful life experience and appreciate the time you spent with a younger man. Modern relationships are different— Embrace it, girl!