3 Ways To Put That Spark Back Into Your Relationship

put that spark back into your relationship

3 Ways To Put That Spark Back Into Your Relationship It’s Friday night and your partner is sitting on the couch zoned in on his phone. You’re sitting on a separate couch watching a romantic comedy on Netflix and browsing Instagram. Even though you’re in the same room, you’re both really alone. You want to…

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Safe Dating Tips That Keep You From Meeting Creepers

safe dating tips

I was thinking about safe dating tips after someone asking me a question on Quora. I was telling my son about a question: “How dangerous is online dating?” and he said, “Oh no! You could meet someone, fall in love and get married!” He was being funny and wasn’t thinking about safe dating tips, of…

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Relationship Struggles— 7 Ways To Deal With A Non Committal Man

relationship struggles

I want to address some of the relationship struggles one of my readers has had with her non-committal man Maybe you’ve been there before too? It’s so challenging to get over a non-committal man when you’ve already given him your heart. You may wonder whether to stay and deal with this non-committal guy or to…

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5 Ways To Become More Confident and Attractive

confident and attractive

I know for a fact, from my own experience, that feeling good about yourself and learning to become more confident and attractive makes your life better Ever since we were little we learned that there are certain ideals of beauty, and we grew up thinking that if we didn’t fit in them, we wouldn’t be…

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If You Feel Like You’re Not Good Enough— Use 3 Simple Tips To Love Yourself

you're not good enough

If you wake up in the morning and feel like you’re not good enough— You can do something about it! Even if you feel like you’ve lost control over everything in your life. If you feel like you’ve been running on a hamster wheel for 20-30-40 or more years. If you’ve got that you’re not…

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Gluten-Free Diet Improves Sexual Health! Strange But True!

gluten free diet

Gluten-Free Diet Improves Sexual Health! Strange But True I’m excited to have this guest post, please share! Have you felt like your sex life just isn’t the same as it used to be? If you’ve ever felt a low self-worth because you haven’t felt that passion with your partner for some time now— Read on!…

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4 Sneaky Tips For The Best Online Dating Profiles You Can’t Even Imagine

best online dating profiles

You might not have one of the best online dating profiles if you have trouble meeting the right men. There are a few things you can to that will attract any man to message you fast! It’s to have the best online dating profiles. I want to let you in on a little secret. Most…

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What Drives Men Wild According To Reddit

what drives men wild

All of my top secrets are out! Are you sure you really want to know what drives men wild? They are not all sexual, but you can bet that any man can find a way to make just about anything about sex. And when he is driven crazy by these things you do, that is…

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Get Your Ex-Back With These 5 Simple Tricks!

how to attract true love

This is a guest post… Here’s Our Great Plan to Get Your Ex Back Winning back your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend back is not that difficult. But don’t forget that they left you once and they may leave you again. But what is the point in getting back when you can keep them? So today, in…

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How To Attract A Man Online— 4 Things To Do Today

How to attract a Man Online

There are lots of ladies out there who have embarked on a journey of online dating, hoping to find their soul mate and you want to know how to attract a man online. There is nothing unusual about it since it’s just one of the numerous consequences of global digitalization. This is why you’re reading…

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