What are your thoughts on dating more than one person? Q&A

[button type=”big” color=”red”] Q[/button] Do you think you should only date one person at a time or as many as you want? Why or why not? Keep in mind I don’t mean “girlfriend boyfriend” I just mean seeing each other but you don’t have a title. How many people should you go on dates with…

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Peolple Say I’m Pretty, But Look Mad. What Can I Do? Q&A

[button type=”big” color=”red”] Q[/button] Some people say that I’m pretty/attractive (that’s subjective though of course) and I’m a nice person (for the most part haha) but I don’t have a boyfriend… I’m 20 and I never really have. I’m not as social as I’d like to be and I’m terribly shy and a little awkward.…

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How To Flirt With A Man In 3 Easy Steps

How To Flirt With A Man

One of my readers wants to know if a guy likes her— does he, or doesn’t he? And I want her, (and YOU) to take the focus off of the question and put your focus on the solution: exactly how to flirt with a man. Why? Because so many guys don’t “get” it. You could…

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Why Is My Boyfriend Acting Like This? Q&A

[button type=”big” color=”red”] Q[/button] Me and my boyfriend have been dating for quite a while now. He is 20 and I’m 21. We really cared for each other. He would buy me expensive make-up brushes, he gave me his dvd player and his 999GB external hard drive for my laptop. We would see each other…

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Do You Have Unrealistic Relationship Expectations?

wedding cake

Do you have unrealistic relationship expectations in your dating life? Even when you don’t really have a relationship yet? Have you ever started chatting with man online and you thought that he was the one? Not having healthy relationship expectations is a tough place to be in… After you spoke with him on the phone…

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Bad First Date? Brain Science Shows The Problem

I was reading an issue of Psychology Today and the “Art of Fear.” And it lets us know how this one thing could create a bad first date. The article discusses a study that shows fear can increase your appreciation of beauty. And apparently another little detail that you think was beautiful. What does this…

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How To Connect With A Man In 6 Easy Steps

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How To Text Him So He’ll Message You Back— 9 Smoking Hot Messages

how to text him

You should message him— As long as you know how to text him the right way and at the right time. There are more wrong ways than right ways, and I don’t want you to be misinformed! Get out your phone or notebook and take some notes on how to text a guy, so he…

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