Has your relationship got the magic ratio for success?

What’s the magic relationship ratio? For each single negative interaction you have with your partner, you should be having at least five positive interactions. That’s a fact: five to one. This is called the “magic ratio”.  The magic ratio is based on research developed by a professor named John Gottman. He would bring couples into…

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Should I Try Online Dating? Yeah, You Should! [5 Shocking Reasons Why]

girls on phone wondering if they shoudl try online dating

We all yearn for the perfect partner and most of us have thought about the dream way we’d meet a partner. Like a story plucked straight from a top-notch romance novel of locking eyes under the moonlight (or a crowded bar) with a stranger in a large crowd. However – with dating trends how they…

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Self Care Tips For Women [5 Super EASY Things You Can Do Today]

woman taking bubble bath reading and drinking wine

Every woman struggles from time to time with self-esteem and anxiety. Especially given the unrealistic standards that modern-day advertising and social media have set. Many women don’t take the time out to focus on self care tips for women. Along with the stress of your career, as well as your family and friends, lack of…

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The 4 Types Of Relationship Attachment Styles: Which One Are You?

Attachment theory was first formulated in the 1950s by psychologist John Bowlby. It is a well-accepted psychological theory, and is the idea that every person can be characterised by one of four different attachment styles. Your attachment style is grounded in the nature of your relationship to your parents as a child and how they…

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When a Guy Asks For Your Number—Use One of These 5 Ways To Respond Next Time

When a Guy Asks For Your Number in a crowd

If you don’t know how to respond when a guy asks for your number, if you should give it to him or not… these are the best ways to respond.

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4 Bad Dating Habits You Should Stop Now (Or He Could Pull Back)

happy women with no bad dating habits

If you seem to push guys away, you might have bad dating habits!

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3 Meditation Techniques To Learn About Yourself [SELF LOVE]

monk getting benefits from meditating

Did you know that there are a shocking number of meditation techniques? These different pathways come from ancient knowledge of different religions, countries, and races.  The collective consciousness of the planet plays a part in this. It’s true that everyone has their own demons to fight and their own ways and techniques to fight them. …

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What Exactly Is A Life Coach? And How Can They Help Me?

what does a life coach do

A life coach is a person who can help you cut through roadblocks in your life. Together you will create a plan together so you can create a life exactly as you choose. When you hire a life coach they become a friend (that actually gives you good advice, not bad advice like well-meaning friends…

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7 Self-Care Tips For Women [That Will Skyrocket Your Self-Esteem]

woman practicing self care tips

Every woman struggles from time to time with self-esteem and anxiety, especially given the unrealistic standards coming from advertising and social media. Taking care of yourself is critical for mental health. We’re going to cover some of the signs that you’re not getting enough, and how to carve out time for self-care tips that you…

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My Boyfriend Has ED: How Do I Cope? [15 Things You Can Do Today!]

can't get his banana up

Help! My boyfriend has ED! Being in a relationship means loving and accepting one another, flaws and all. Some women and men may see erectile dysfunction as a problem (and it can be!). However, you can also handle it like a grown-up.  If your boyfriend has ED — you can learn how to deal with…

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