How To Make Your Relationship More Intimate In 5 Easy Steps

Intimacy is defined as a deep, emotional connection between two people, which can be both physical or emotional, or both. Examples of intimacy include feeling your partner’s love and warmth from a simple touch, hug, or a kiss. Feelings of intimacy can form in a sexual relationship when two individuals indulge in a range of…

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How To Turn A One Night Stand Into A Relationship That Lasts

How To Turn A One Night Stand Into A Relationship couple grass

When two adult people go on a first date, the longevity of this new “relationship” depends on yours (and his) mentality and free will. After a one night stand happens, you might decide you really like this guy. You have all kinds of thoughts like, “Should I contact after a one night stand?” or “What…

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How To Date A Younger Guy — Cougars Confess How to Find a Stud, Not a Dud!

how to date a younger guy lying couch

Dating a younger man? Are you serious?! Older women/younger men dating has exploded in recent years. More women than ever are breaking free of ‘traditional’ relationship norms and experiencing the exciting world of cougar dating. This dating niche is most attractive for women looking for thrills in their relationship, compared to the routine and mundanity…

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