Self Care Tips For Women [5 Super EASY Things You Can Do Today]

woman taking bubble bath reading and drinking wine

Every woman struggles from time to time with self-esteem and anxiety. Especially given the unrealistic standards that modern-day advertising and social media have set. Many women don’t take the time out to focus on self care tips for women. Along with the stress of your career, as well as your family and friends, lack of…

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My Boyfriend Has ED: How Do I Cope? [15 Things You Can Do Today!]

can't get his banana up

Help! My boyfriend has ED! Being in a relationship means loving and accepting one another, flaws and all. Some women and men may see erectile dysfunction as a problem (and it can be!). However, you can also handle it like a grown-up.  If your boyfriend has ED — you can learn how to deal with…

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10 Reasons Why Women Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Online Dating

afraid of online dating don't be

I know that the words ‘online dating’ cause a wave of emotions in our minds. The female species views it with great judgment. It’s the same kind of fascination associated with watching a train wreck, something you should not see but being unable to take our eyes off it. Some women think that online dating…

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Dating Sunday — Best Time To Look For Love!

dating sunday time to get online

So you’ve got your resolutions ready and so do most other people. I’m still working on setting my goals this year. But when it comes to looking for love, you might want to get online ASAP! Because January 6, also known as Dating Sunday, is one of the biggest dating days of the year. According…

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Dating Habits That Will Help You Find A Great Relationship

happy hipster couple taking a selfie good dating habits

If you’re looking to date the right way and find the love of your life (or just an actual good date for that matter), it can seem like you’re prepping to climb Mt Everest. And you haven’t even been to the gym for two weeks. But if you start cultivating healthy dating habits, you can…

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100 Questions To Ask On A First Date


I’ve come up with a slew of questions to ask on a first date. Warning: DO NOT ask every one of these questions on the very first date. If you do, your guy will think he’s you’re using enhanced interrogation techniques used by the CIA. That’s not what you’re going for, girl! I could come…

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Dating After Divorce? I Say Dating Therapy Is Good For You!

You’re finally on your own after a knock em’ down drag em out divorce. You wonder when is a good time to start dating after divorce. Well, there’s no perfect answer because everyone is different. Dating therapy is real (at least in my world it was), and you need it. Another thing about my favorite…

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Simple Steps You Can Do To Create Self Love

self love girl loving herself

Most of us move through life’s journey carrying a heavy bag of ideas about ourselves upon our shoulders. “I’m not funny, I’m too fat, I’m lazy.” Take your pick, the list is almost endless. Some people don’t even know what the words self love even mean.   Then every now and again we meet someone…

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Dating A Younger Guy— 8 Reasons Why You Should Totally Do It!

Dating A Younger Guy. Is It Too Taboo? Not in the current time of online dating and women’s empowerment. It’s time for you to keep yourself busy by getting busy with a younger man. There are lots of perks! Dating A Younger Guy At Least One Time In Your Life— Is A Great Idea! Now…

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4 Not-So-Surprising Ways Modern Relationships Are Unique

modern relationships

It’s no secret that modern relationships have evolved over time. Today, relationships are much more fast-paced. Courtship isn’t as common as it was in the past. One thing that you’ll often hear your grandparents, or even parents, complain about is how different dating is now than previous generations. But how different is dating really from…

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